Your skin is influenced by both external and internal factors. Using plant based skin care products makes visible improvements. Almost all of us can balance and normalise our skin with the right products and some simple lifestyle changes. We've even seen those with great skin being amazed at how much better their skin looks and feels with the right care. To give your skin the right product care it's important to know and work with the type of skin you have. Here's a handy infographic to help you determine your skin type:




    Most people have an idea of what skin type they have, if you're unsure here's a simple test :

    • Remove any make-up, rinse your face with water and pat it dry with a clean towel and wait an hour.
    • Place a single layer of white tissue (peel apart the tissue layers to get just one) over your face and press it gently onto the entire surface.
    • Leave it for a few minutes, then lift it off and inspect the results.

    OILY SKIN: the tissue will stick to the sebum, pick up oily spots and become translucent.

    NORMAL/ COMBINATION : the tissue will stick to your T-zone. Refer to the chart to distinguish between normal and combination skin.

    DRY SKIN / AGEING SKIN : the paper won't stick to your skin at all indicating very low sebum levels.Refer to the chart to distinguish between dry and ageing skin.

    Once you are sure of your skin type use products that are relevant as plant based skin care is highly functional although results require disciplined care. As we age, our skin types tends to also change or vary from season to season. Make sure your in the loop by paying attention to minute changes in your skin response to your lifestyle.

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